Elementary Japanese Second Edition

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Chapter One

Genki1Title K0-0G K01-01 K01-02 K01-03 K01-04 K01-05 K01-06 K01-07 K01-08 K01-09 K01-10 K01-11 K01-12 K01-13 K01-14 K01-15 K01-16 K01-17 K01-18 K01-19 K01-20 K01-21 K01-22 K01-23 K01-24 K01-25

Chapter Two
K02-01 K02-02 K02-03 K02-04 K02-05 K02-06 K02-07 K02-08 K02-09 K02-10
K02-11 K02-12 K02-13 K02-14

Chapter Three
K03-01 K03-02 K03-03 K03-04 K03-05 K03-06 K03-07 K03-08
K03-09 K03-10 K03-11 K03-12 K03-13 K03-14

Chapter Four
K04-01 K04-02 K04-03 K04-04 K04-05 K04-06 K04-07 K04-08 K04-09 K04-10
K04-11 K04-12 K04-13 K04-14 K04-15 K04-16 K04-17 K04-18 K04-19

Chapter Five
K05-01 K05-02 K05-03 K05-04 K05-05 K05-06 K05-07 K05-08 K05-09 K05-10
K05-11 K05-12 K05-13 K05-14 K05-15

Chapter Six
K06-01 K06-02 K06-03 K06-04 K06-05 K06-06 K06-07 K06-08 K06-09 K06-10
K06-11 K06-12 K06-13 K06-14

Chapter Seven
K07-01 K07-02 K07-03 K07-04 K07-05 K07-06 K07-07 K07-08 K07-09 K07-10 K07-11 K07-12

Chapter Eight
K08-01 K08-02 K08-03 K08-04 K08-05 K08-06 K08-07 K08-08 K08-09 K08-10
K08-11 K08-12 K08-13 K08-14 K08-15 K08-16 K08-17

Chapter Nine
K09-01 K09-02 K09-03 K09-04 K09-05 K09-06 K09-07 K09-08 K09-09 K09-10
K09-11 K09-12 K09-13 K09-14 K09-15 K09-16 K09-17

Chapter Ten
K10-01 K10-02 K10-03 K10-04 K10-05 K10-06 K10-07 K10-08 K10-09 K10-10 K10-11 K10-12 K10-13

Chapter Eleven
K11-01 K11-02 K11-03 K11-04 K11-05 K11-06 K11-07 K11-08 K11-09 K11-10 K11-11 K11-12

Chapter Twelve
K12-01 K12-02 K12-03 K12-04 K12-05 K12-06 K12-07 K12-08 K12-09 K12-10 K12-11 K12-12 K12-13

Chapter Thirteen
K13-01 K13-02 K13-03 K13-04 K13-05 K13-06 K13-07 K13-08 K13-09 K13-10
K13-11 K13-12 K13-13 K13-14 K13-15 K13-16

Chapter Fourteen
K14-01 K14-02 K14-03 K14-04 K14-05 K14-06 K14-07 K14-08 K14-09 K14-10 K14-11
K14-12 K14-13 K14-14 K14-15 K14-16

Chapter Fifteen
K15-01 K15-02 K15-03 K15-04 K15-05 K15-06 K15-07 K15-08 K15-09 K15-10 K15-11 K15-12 K15-13 K15-14

Chapter Sixteen
K16-01 K16-02 K16-03 K16-04 K16-05 K16-06 K16-07 K16-08 K16-09 K16-10
K16-11 K16-12 K16-13 K16-14 K16-15

Chapter Seventeen
K17-01 K17-02 K17-03 K17-04 K17-05 K17-06 K17-07 K17-08 K17-09 K17-10 K17-11 K17-12 K17-13

Chapter Eighteen
K18-01 K18-02 K18-03 K18-04 K18-05 K18-06 K18-07 K18-08 K18-09 K18-10
K18-11 K18-12 K18-13 K18-14 K18-15

Chapter Nineteen
K19-01 K19-02 K19-03 K19-04 K19-05 K19-06 K19-07 K19-08 K19-09 K19-10
K19-11 K19-12 K19-13 K19-14 K19-15 K19-16

Chapter Twenty
K20-01 K20-02 K20-03 K20-04 K20-05 K20-06 K20-07 K20-08 K20-09 K20-10
K20-11 K20-12 K20-13 K20-14 K20-15 K20-16 K20-17

Chapter Twenty-One
K21-01 K21-02 K21-03 K21-04 K21-05 K21-06 K21-07 K21-08 K21-09 K21-10 K21-11 K21-12 K21-13

Chapter Twenty-Two
K22-01 K22-02 K22-03 K22-04 K22-05 K22-06 K22-07 K22-08 K22-09 K22-10
K22-11 K22-12 K22-13 K22-14 K22-15 K22-16

Chapter Twenty-Threee
K23-01 K23-02 K23-03 K23-04 K23-05 K23-06 K23-07 K23-08 K23-09 K23-10
K23-11 K23-12 K23-13 K23-14 K23-15 K23-16

Y01-1 Y01-2 Y01-3 Y01-4 Y02 Y03 Y04 Y05-1 Y05-2 Y06
Y07 Y08 Y09-1 Y09-2 Y10 Y11-1 Y11-2 Y12


W01A W01B W01C W01D

W02A W02B W02C

W03A W03B W03C W03D

W04A W04B W04C

W05A W05B W05C

W06A W06B W06C

W07A W07B W07C

W08A W08B W08C

W09A W09B W09C

W10A W10B W10C

W11A W11B W11C

W12A W12B W12C

W13A W13B W13C

W14A W14B W14C

W15A W15B W15C

W16A W16B W16C

W17A W17B W17C

W18A W18B W18C

W19A W19B W19C

W20A W20B W20C

W21A W21B W21C

W22A W22B W22C

W23A W23B W23C


Elemantary Japanese displayed with special permission of the Japan Times.

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